Callback Functions

Each Javascript callback function is dispatched directly from core Ajax Load More or one of the various add-ons. To utilize the following callback functions simply copy and paste a code example below into your sites JavaScript file.


almComplete() is dispatched after every successful Ajax Load More query – Learn More.

Are you looking for examples?
You’re in luck, we are compiling a list of callback examples in use by Ajax Load More users.


almDestroyed() is dispatched after the destroy_after shortcode parameter is triggered.


almDone() is dispatched after all posts have been loaded and there are zero posts remaining.


almEmpty() is dispatched when zero results are returned in the initial Ajax Load More query.

Filter Complete

almFilterComplete() is dispatched after a successful call to the public function almFilter().

URL Update

almUrlUpdate() is dispatched after a successful URL update (pushState) from the Previous Post and Search Engine Optimization add-on.

Note: Your sites JavaScript functions file must be loaded after Ajax Load More in order to trigger these callbacks.