In this example:
Ajax Load More will load and display WooCommerce products using a custom shop page and repeater template.

WooCommerce examples are viewable on our external demo site – click the links below to be taken directly to the shop page with Ajax Load More enabled.

Note: Adding Ajax Load More to WooCommerce shop pages will require direct modification of WooCommerce templates – read more about this in the blog post.

The following shortcode was used to create the WooCommerce example.

[ajax_load_more post_type="product" css_classes="products" posts_per_page="3" transition="fade"]

Note: Remember to add css_classes=”products” to your shortcode. WooCommerce styles it’s product listings by referencing this classname.

The following Repeater Template was used to create the WooCommerce example.

Note: This repeater template was copied directly from the following WooCommerce template.