Infinite scroll post attachments with Ajax Load More.


The out of the box layout and styling of Ajax Load More.

Destroy After

Remove Ajax Load More functionality after 'n' number of pages.

Event Listing

Ordering events by custom field date.

Fade Transition

Elements fade in as posts are loaded.


Filter and reset an Ajax Load More instance.


Creating a responsive Ajax Load More grid with the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module.

Infinite Scroll

A look at the new loading functionality of Ajax Load More.

Images Loaded

Download images before displaying ajax loaded content.


Creating a flexible grid layout with Masonry and Ajax Load More.

Multiple Instances

Include multiple Ajax Load More instances on a single page.

Paging URLs

Generate unique URLs for every Ajax Load More query with the SEO add-on.

Pause Loading

Posts will pause loading until initiated by the user.

Preloaded Posts

Quickly and easily preload an initial set of posts before completing any Ajax requests to the server.

Relationship Field (ACF)

Using Advanced Custom Fields and Ajax Load More to display featured posts.


Infinite scrolling with Ajax Load More and the WP REST API.

Salvattore JS

Creating a flexible CSS grid layout with Salvattore and Ajax Load More.

Search Results

Returning results based on search terms.

SEO & Paging

Combine these two add-ons to create one powerful navigation system.

Slideshow Gallery

Create a gallery of posts with Ajax Load More and the Paging add-on.

Table Layout

Displaying Ajax Load More results in a table.


Displaying products with WooCommerce and Ajax Load More.

Ajax Load More examples are simply previews of what is possible to achieve with the plugin – CSS and HTML markup for these examples are not provided.