Velocity is an alternative loading method to the standard to YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud iframe embeds.

Decrease the loading time and increase the overall performance of your website by lazy loading media on-demand, not on initial page load.

How Velocity Works

Velocity works by replacing the default iframe provided by YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud with a custom media preview image. When a user clicks on the preview image the requested iframe is injected into the page and automatically begins to play for the user.

To add Velocity to your site, simply create a Velocity shortcode by selecting a preview image and media type using the intuitive shortcode builder then add the generated snippet to your page.



Play Video
[velocity type="youtube" id="2smWSF_NGWkoptions="showinfo=0" img="" alt="Play Video" color="#000000" bkg_color="#FFFFFF"]



Play Video
[velocity type="vimeo" id="22439234" img="" alt="Play Video" color="#FFFFFF" bkg_color="#000000"]



Play Video
[velocity type="soundcloud" id="4817655" img="" alt="Play Video" color="#FFFFFF" bkg_color="#000000"]


Velocity Settings Screen

The settings screen allows users to select a default preview image.

Velocity Shortcode Builder

Build your own Velocity shortcode using the intuitive Velocity Builder module.

Velocity Lightbox

You can open the Velocity Builder directly from your post/page edit screens.