Version: 7.1.2 Released: May 30, 2024

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Ajax Load More is the #1 infinite scroll plugin for loading WordPress posts, single posts, pages and comments with Ajax powered queries.

Create custom WordPress queries with the Ajax Load More shortcode builder then add the shortcode to your pages via the content editor or directly into theme templates in the location you wish for endless scroll functionality to appear.


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Repeater Template

Take full control over the display of your Ajax Load More content with customizable templates.

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Query Parameters

Query by Post Type, Format, Category, Tag, Taxonomy, Search Term, Author and more!

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Shortcode Builder

Create a custom shortcode by adjusting query parameters in the intuitive shortcode builder.

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Integrated support for Masonry layouts has been built into core Ajax Load More.

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Ajax Filtering

The custom filtering method will allow you to filter and update your Ajax query results.

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Search Results

Infinite scroll Relevanssi, SearchWP and standard WordPress search results.

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Content Caching

Improve site performance by caching the results of Ajax queries to your database.

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Paging URLs

Generate standard WordPress paging URLs with each Ajax Load More query.

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Benefits of Infinite Scrolling

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Increase Pageviews

Improve the average time on site and total views by providing users a seamless way to engage with additional content they may never have uncovered.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Infinite scroll has been proven to reduce the bounce rate on many sites by providing users access to additional content without requiring specific click interactions.

Improved Mobile Experience

Pagination can be difficult to navigate on mobile devices. A load more experience provides users with a native mobile experience while browsing your content.

What is Infinite Scroll?

Infinite scrolling is a front-end development technique that loads content continuously as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination and page refreshes.

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