Shortcode Parameters

Ajax Load More accepts a variety of query and styling parameters that are passed to WordPress via shortcode.

With the custom Shortcode Builder and over 35 unique parameters to choose from, creating your own Ajax Load More query is never more than a few minutes away!

All core shortcode parameters are listed below:

idA unique ID for the Ajax Load More instance. Default = null
repeaterSelect from a list of customizable repeaters (add-on available). Default = 'default'
post_typeComma separated list of post types to query. Default = 'post'
sticky_postsPreserve sticky post ordering in Ajax listing. Default = false
post_formatQuery by post format. Default = null
categoryA comma separated list of categories to include by slug. Default = null
category__andA comma separated list of categories to include by ID. Default = null
category__not_inA comma separated list of categories to exclude by ID. Default = null
tagA comma separated list of tags to include by slug. Default = null
tag__andA comma separated list of tags to include by ID. Default = null
tag__not_inA comma separated list of tags to exclude by ID. Default = null
taxonomyQuery by custom taxonomy name. Default = null
taxonomy_termsComma separated list of custom taxonomy terms(slug) to query. Default = null
taxonomy_operatorOperator to compare taxonomy terms against (IN/NOT IN). Default = 'IN'
taxonomy_relationThe logical relationship between each taxonomy when there is more than one. (AND/OR). Default = 'AND'
dayDay of the week. Default = null
monthMonth of the year. Default = null
yearYear of post. Default = 'IN'
meta_keyCustom field key(name). Default = null
meta_valueCustom field value. Default = null
meta_compareOperator to compare meta_key and meta_value against (IN/NOT IN/=/!=/>/>=/</<=). Default = 'IN'
meta_typeCustom field type. Default = 'CHAR'
meta_relationUsed with multiple custom field entries (AND/OR). Default = 'AND'
authorA comma separated list of authors by id. Default = null
searchQuery search term ('s'). Default = null
custom_argsA semicolon separated list of value:pair arguments. e.g. tag_slug__and:design,development; event_display:upcoming. Default = null
post__inComma separated list of post ID's to include in query.Default = null
excludeComma separated list of post ID's to exclude from query.Default = null
orderOrder posts ASC(ascending) or DESC(descending) order. Default = 'DESC'
orderbyOrder posts by date, title, name, menu order, author, post ID or comment count. Default = 'date'
offsetOffset the initial query (number).Default = '0'
posts_per_pageNumber of posts to load with each request.Default = '5'
scrollLoad more posts as the user scrolls the page (true/false).Default = 'true'
scroll_distanceThe distance from the bottom of the screen to trigger the loading of posts while scrolling. Default = '150'
scroll_containerConstrain Ajax Load More infinite scrolling to a parent container. Default = null
max_pagesMaximum number of pages to load while scrolling (only activated if scroll = true). Default = '0'
pause_overrideAllow scrolling to override the Pause parameter and trigger the loading of posts on scroll. Default = null
transitionChoose a loading transition (fade/masonry/none). Default = 'fade'
transition_speedThe speed of the loading transition in milliseconds. Default = '250'
transition_containerDisplay the Ajax Load More (.alm-reveal) loading container. (true/false) Default = 'true'
transition_container_classesAdd custom classes to the .alm-reveal loading container. Default = null
masonry_selectorThe target classname of each masonry item. Default = null
masonry_animationSelect a loading transition type for Masonry items. (default/zoom-out/slide-up/slide-down/none)Default = default
masonry_horizontalorderLays out items to maintain left-to-right order. (true/false)Default = true
pauseDo not load posts until user clicks load posts button (true/false). Default = 'false'
progress_barDisplay progress bar indicator at the top of the window while loading Ajax content. (true/false). Default = 'false'
progress_bar_colorEnter the hex color of the progress bar. Default = 'ed7070'
images_loadedWait for all images to load before displaying ajax loaded content. (true/false). Default = 'false'
destroy_afterRemove ajax load more functionality after 'n' number of pages have been loaded. Default = null
button_labelThe label text for Load more button. Default = 'Older Posts'
button_loading_labelUpdate the text of the Load More button while content is loading. Default = null
container_typeOverride the global Container Type that was set on ALM Settings page. Default = null
css_classesAdd custom CSS classes to the Ajax Load More container. Default = null
nestedIs this a nested Ajax Load More instance? Default = false
Example Shortcode[ajax_load_more post_type="post, portfolio" repeater="default" posts_per_page="5" transition="fade" button_label="Older Posts"]