The Advanced Custom Fields extension provides infinite scroll and lazy load functionality for various field types for Advanced Custom Fields.

The extension allows you to quickly and easily access Advanced Custom Fields data for a page, post, custom post type or taxonomy and return the results to Ajax Load More for infinite scrolling.

How It Works

The extension works by providing a connection point between core Ajax Load More and the following field types for Advanced Custom Fields:

By utilizing a library of custom WordPress hooks, filters and queries, the extension is able to retrieve custom field data from a post and display the results via infinite scroll with Ajax Load More.

Note: This extension is available for users running ALM 3.0+ and ACF 4.0+.

Shortcode Parameters

Use the following shortcode parameters to initiate the Advanced Custom Fields extension with Ajax Load More.

acf Enable compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields. (true/false) Default = ‘false’
acf_post_id The ID of the current page/post. Default = $post->ID
acf_field_type Select the type of ACF field. (flexible/gallery/relationship/repeater) Default = null
acf_field_name The name of the ACF field. Default = null

Shortcode Builder

The following screenshot illustrates the process of building a shortcode with the shortcode builder.

Ajax Load More shortcode builder

Example Shortcode[ajax_load_more acf="true" acf_field_type="repeater" acf_field_name="our_team" scroll="false" images_loaded="true"]