The Preloaded add-on loads an initial set of posts before sending any Ajax requests to your server.

When you preload a query with Ajax Load More you allow for caching of the initial result set which can help reduce stress on your server and improve page loading times.


A few key features of the Preloaded add-on for Ajax Load More.

Improve Performance

Reduce the amount of WordPress ajax-admin requests by preloading the initial data set on the server side.

Faster Processing

Preloaded posts are rendered on the server side which means the content can be served via cache.

Custom Styling

Create unique styling for your preloaded posts by targeting the unique .alm-preloaded class.

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Add-on Details

Learn more about the Preloaded add-on.

How It Works

The Preloaded add-on loads the initial set of results using a WordPress query dispatched on the server side before the browser renders the page.

After this initial server side query the remaining posts will be loaded via ajax requests on the client side(browser) and controlled by Ajax Load More.

Splitting the query into server side and client side requests enables Ajax Load More to load data faster and ease the strain on your server by significantly reducing the amount of ajax requests.

ALM Preloaded diagram

Shortcode Parameters

Use the following shortcode parameters to initiate the preloading of posts with Ajax Load More.

preloaded Should Ajax Load More preload posts? (true/false) Default = ‘false’
preloaded_amount The amount of posts to preload. Default = ‘5’

Example Shortcode

The following example will preload four initial posts and then load an additional six posts with every Ajax Load More query.
[ajax_load_more preloaded="true" preloaded_amount="2" post_type="post" repeater="default" posts_per_page="4" pause="true" button_label="Older Posts"]

See this shortcode in action by visiting the Styling section below.


Preloaded posts have a unique alm-preloaded container class that allows you to easily target the preloaded content for custom layouts and formatting options. Of course, this is an optional feature as in the majority of case your preloaded content will look the same as your Ajax loaded content.

The following example illustrates how you can target the preloaded content to give these specific posts a unique look and feel.

  • Ajax Load More Post Example

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Upon purchase of this add-on you will receive a confirmation/purchase receipt email. Your receipt will contain a direct link for downloading your copy of Ajax Load More: Preloaded and a license key.

After downloading the add-on, upload the unzipped files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or visit your plugins dashboard and upload the downloaded .zip under Add New.

License Activation

To activate your add-on and receive updates directly in your WordPress plugins dashboard users are required to enter the license key that was included with their purchase receipt.

To activate a license key:

  1. Visit the Licenses section within the Ajax Load More plugin.
  2. Enter the product key and click Activate License.
  3. If the status indicator turns green your add-on has been successfully activated (example below).
License Key Example

If you did not receive your confirmation/purchase receipt email and license key, please check your spam/junk folder and if you still cannot locate the email please contact me at darren [at] or use the Product Support form on the website.