Search Engine Optimization

Developer documentation for the Ajax Load More SEO add-on.

Filter Hooks

The following filter hooks are available when using this add-on:


Add a leading slash / before the page number in the URL.

Note: This is useful when permalink URL structures do not have trailing slashes.


Removes the trailing slash / from the end of the paged URL. e.g.


Disable the posts_per_page protection for this add-on.

Offset Loading

There may be situations where you want to use the Ajax Load More SEO functionality but you are also loading the first page of content using a custom query on the server side.

In this use-case, ALM users can set seo_offset=”true” in their shortcode and the SEO pagination will begin at the second page of content.

Note: This parameter is helpful for listing that have a custom query above Ajax Load More on the page.

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