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Developer documentation for the Ajax Load More Next Page add-on.

Filter Hooks

The following filter hooks are available when using this add-on:


The alm_nextpage_break filter will automatically split content into pages without the need for the <!–-nextpage–-> quicktag.

The following code snippet will dynamically page the content of each post wherever an <h2/> element is found – view example.


Do not load previous pages when a user enters via deep linked paged URL.


Add a leading slash / before the page number in the URL.

Note: This is useful when permalink URLs do not have trailing slashes.


Removes the trailing slash / from the end of the URL.


Used to render content before a page is displayed. In this example, a Google Adsense advertisement will be displayed at the opening of each page load.


Used to render content after a page is displayed. In this example, text copy will be displayed after each page.

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