The Paging add-on transforms the Ajax Load More lazy load/infinite scroll functionality into a robust AJAX powered navigation system.

Quickly and easily replace the default lazy load/infinite scroll functionality of Ajax Load More with a numbered navigation system.


A few key features of the Paging add-on for Ajax Load More.

Easy Implementation

Simply set paging='true' to transform Ajax load More infinite scroll into a numbered navigation system.

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SEO Integration

Combine both the Search Engine Optimization and Paging add-on to create an intuitive ajax powered navigation.

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Shortcode Settings

Use the provided shortcode parameters to take full control over the Paging functionality.

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Add-on Details

Learn more about the Paging add-on.

How It Works

The Paging add-on works by removing the default lazy load/infinite scroll functionality of Ajax Load More and replacing it with an intuitive and powerful paged navigation system.

Behind the scenes, the core functionality of Ajax Load More remains the same, however on the front end of the website users will be presented with a numbered navigation menu while the Older Posts button is removed.

Remove infinite scroll and replace with paged navigation diagram

Enabling the paging navigation is easy – simply set paging=”true” in your Ajax Load More shortcode and infinite scrolling will be replaced with a numbered navigation system.

Learn about the other shortcode parameters and implementation in the Shortcode Parameter section below.


    The following shortcode was used to create the paging example above.

    [ajax_load_more paging="true" paging_show_at_most="4" paging_controls="true" paging_first_label="First" paging_last_label="Lastposts_per_page="2" css_classes="paging-example"]

    More Examples

    Slideshow Gallery
    Create a user-friendly gallery of posts with Ajax Load More and the Paging add-on.

    SEO and Paging
    Combine both the Paging and Search Engine Optimization add-on to create a paging navigation with unique URLs for each page.

    Shortcode Parameters

    The following shortcode parameters are available with the Paging add-on.

    paging Replace infinite scrolling with a paged navigation system? (true/false) Default = ‘false’
    paging_show_at_most Maximum amount of pages to show at a time. (0 = no maximum) Default = ‘0’
    paging_classes Add classes to the paging navigation for CSS styling.
    paging_scroll Move users to the top of the Ajax Load More container after a paging click event. (true/false) Default = ‘true:100’
    paging_controls Show first/last and next/previous buttons in the paging navigation. (true/false) Default = ‘false’
    paging_first_label Label for the First Page button. Default = null
    paging_last_label Label for the Last Page button. Default = null
    paging_previous_label Label for the Previous Page button. Default = ‘«’
    paging_next_label Label for the Next Page button. Default = ‘»’

    Shortcode Builder

    Paging Shortcode Builder Screenshot

    Example Shortcode

    [ajax_load_more post_type="post" paging="true" paging_controls="true" paging_show_at_most="0"]



    Configuration options will be available on the ALM Settings page after installation. You can choose to disable the Paging CSS or select your color palette from the select menu.


    Paging Output

    You can easily customize the look and feel of the paging navigation component by targeting elements based on the example HTML and classes below.


    Upon purchase of this add-on you will receive a confirmation/purchase receipt email. Your receipt will contain a direct link for downloading your copy of Ajax Load More: Paging and a license key.

    After downloading the add-on, upload the unzipped files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or visit your plugins dashboard and upload the downloaded .zip under Add New.

    License Activation

    To activate your add-on and receive updates directly in your WordPress plugins dashboard users are required to enter the license key that was included with their purchase receipt.

    To activate a license key:

    1. Visit the Licenses section within the Ajax Load More plugin.
    2. Enter the product key and click Activate License.
    3. If the status indicator turns green your add-on has been successfully activated (example below).
    License Key Example

    If you did not receive your confirmation/purchase receipt email and license key, please check your spam/junk folder and if you still cannot locate the email please contact me at darren [at] or use the Product Support form on the website.