Public Functions

The following public JavaScript functions allow for manipulation of Ajax Load More instances.


almTriggerClick() – This function will allow you trigger an Ajax Load More load from any element on the screen.

Note: almTriggerClick should only be called when a single instance of Ajax Load More is on the page.


ajaxloadmore.filter(transition, speed, data) – This function will allow you to update Ajax Load More parameters on the fly and provide a clean transition between each filter – view the example

The filter() method requires the following parameters:

transition Select a transition type. ‘fade’ | null
speed The speed of the transition, in milliseconds. e.g. ‘300’
data The data() object that holds the parameters for updating.
Note: When filtering, underscores in shortcode attributes must be converted to dashes.
e.g. button_label = button-label


ajaxloadmore.reset() – This function will allow you to reset Ajax Load More back to page 1 of a listing. This function is useful in cases where content may have changed and Ajax Load More is required to be started from the beginning.