I’m happy to officially announce the launch of the WooCommerce add-on for Ajax Load More.

This latest Ajax Load More add-on features automatic WooCommerce integration into your existing shop templates with no added configuration required – all you have to do is turn it on!

The WooCommerce add-on is a first-of-its-kind implementation for Ajax Load More as it’s currently the only add-on that requires zero server side configuration – meaning you can integrate infinite scrolling into your shop pages without theme template modification or creating a custom Repeater Template for display.

The Backstory

Over the past 2-3 years I’ve received an extraordinary amount of support requests from WooCommerce users who wanted to infinite scroll their product listings but were falling short due to the complexity of integrating Ajax Load More into existing shop templates.

For non-developers, modifying core theme templates and creating child themes was not an option they could explore. And rightfully so, they needed a solution that would work out of the box and so did I if I hoped to reduce the amount of support time.

I decided it was time to simplify the process and I set out to build a product that would integrate directly into WooCommerce without the need for core theme modification.

The result is a stand-alone Ajax Load More add-on that integrates directly into WooCommerce and is controlled entirely by the WordPress Customizer.

Customizer Integration

The WooCommerce add-on integrates directly into the main shop, archive and product search templates using existing WooCommerce core hooks and filters.

To make life easy, all add-on configuration happens within the existing WooCommerce panel of the WordPress Customizer – modification of page templates, building custom shortcodes or creating Repeater Templates is not required for this implementation.

Shop, Archives & Product Search

Ajax Load More integrates directly into your WooCommerce shop, archives and search templates with the click of a button.

Ajax Load More WooCommerce Customizer Options

To enable Ajax Load More on shop, archive or product search templates visit the Ajax Load More [Settings] panel of the WordPress Customizer and toggle the integration setting for each. By default, each will be disabled at the initial activation.

Display Options

Adjust the look and feel and set the default configuration options of Ajax Load More.

Ajax Load More WooCommerce Customizer Display Options

Display Options allow for configuration of core Ajax Load More parameters such and loading style, button labels and scroll settings.

To adjust the display options, visit the Ajax Load More [Display] panel of the WordPress Customizer and modify the default settings.

Once the settings have been saved/published they will be visible to your site visitors.

Ajax Load More Pro

One benefit of Ajax Load More Pro is new and future add-ons will be automatically added to your download bundle as they are released.

Users with an active Ajax Load More Pro license will see the WooCommerce add-on in the Pro Dashboard (after updating). New add-ons are deactivated by default, so you’ll need to activate it before use.

Wrapping Things Up

While creating this add-on I really started to realize just how complicated the original WooCommerce guide was for non-developers and I hope this new integration makes things easier for everyone.

If you have any questions or feedback on the new add-on please leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out.


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