After nearly 1.5 months of development we have released version 2.7.0 of our WordPress plugin, Ajax Load More. This major release went through extensive testing over the past few weeks to make sure it was ready for public use. Make sure you get on over to and download it today!

What’s New in 2.7.0

Custom Fields

The Ajax Load More Shortcode Builder received a big improvement with the introduction of multiple Custom Field queries. Users can now query by up to four unique key name/value pairs to narrow down their query criteria.


Example Shortcode

[ajax_load_more post_type="post" meta_key="pet:type" meta_value="dog:boston terrier" meta_compare="IN:IN" meta_relation="AND"]

Paging Add-on

After receiving a number of requests from ALM users for a paging navigation we went ahead and completed development of a new add-on targeted at users who don’t necessarily want infinite scrolling on their website.

Paging Add-onQuickly and easily transform the Ajax Load More lazy load/infinite scroll functionality into a robust ajax powered navigation system.

The Paging add-on works by completely removing the default lazy load/infinite scroll functionality of Ajax Load More and replacing it entirely with a standard paged navigation system.

Learn More About the Paging add-on


We updated all Ajax Load More add-ons to use our new licensing system. Users are now required to enter a license key to receive add-on updates directly within plugins dashboard.

To add a license key, visit the License section within the Ajax Load More plugin and enter your key. After saving the key, click ‘Activate’.


License keys are still valid for the life cycle of the add-on, we are simply taking measures to protect against unauthorized distribution of our add-ons.

Legacy Users

If you have made a purchase prior to July 6, 2015 you will require a license after updating your add-ons. Please email us with a reference to the email address used when you completed the add-on purchase and we will send your license key.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • *NEW* Adding css_classes parameter to Shortcode Builder – users can now add container classes to each instance on Ajax Load More while building a shortcode as well as on the main ALM settings screen.
  • *NEW* Added a secondary query to return the total number of posts. This query will help in future versions as we fix issues with the loading of posts and is also used within the Paging add-on.
  • *BUG* Fixed a bug with the custom_args parameter that was blocking arrays from being passed. There is new syntax for using multiple custom_args, so be sure to check the documentation before using.
  • *BUG* Fixed issue with boolean vs string variables in core ALM JS

What’s Next?

  • Multisite compatibility for the default repeater template and custom repeaters add-on.
  • New add-on for selecting repeaters templates in your theme directory. This add-on will allow users to create repeater templates and store them directly in their theme folder allowing for easier implementation.


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