Version 2.13.1 of Ajax Load More shipped on Monday night. This release, while is listed as a minor point release really packs some cool new features and updates that I hope all users can take advantage of – I will highlight a few of the updates below.

What’s New in 2.13.1

The alm_query_args() Filter Hook

alm_query_args filter.

This new core filter is a game changer for Ajax Load More in terms of flexibility and extensibility of the plugin. It will allow users to essentially create their own queries that target a specific instance of Ajax Load More by ID and allows developers to create extensions and add-ons that modify the data being returned to Ajax Load More.


As I said above, the alm_query_args filter really changed the game for Ajax Load More and I’ve already released two FREE extensions that rely on this filter to add compatibility and integration for the popular search plugins SearchWP and Relevanssi.

Multiple Filter Instances

Ajax Load More 2.13.0 introduced a new id shortcode parameter – this parameter opened up a world of new possibilities for the plugin and adding support for filtering multiple instances was one of the first options to benefit of this update.

Filtering multiple instances is as simple as giving each shortcode a unique id parameter and then targeting the id in the data attributes passed to almFilter().

All Improvements and Bug Fixes in 2.13.1

  • NEW – Adding support for multiple instances of filtering.
  • NEW – Adding caching support for initial requests if page > 1. e.g. /page/10/ will now be cached and served to visitors as page-1-10.html
  • NEW – Added new filter for creating and listing custom layouts within repeater template admin (docs coming soon).
  • Update – Adding Post Type ‘any’ to shortcode builder.
  • Update – Updating max_pages parameter to be ‘0’ as the plugin default.
  • Update – Various UI updates and enhancements.
  • FIX – Updated post_status parameter to support inherit for attachments.
  • FIX – Undefined variables in Shortcode Builder pop up.
  • FIX – Shortcode Builder UI and copy updates.
  • FIX – JS error on Examples page within plugin.
  • FIX – JS errors on with ALM Cache admin page.
  • FIX – Support for preserving querystring parameters in Previous Post add-on.


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