Shortcode Parameters

Easy Query features a variety of query and styling parameters that are passed through to WordPress via shortcode.

Creating a custom Easy Query shortcode is as simple as adjusting parameters in  custom Query Builder.

All Easy Query shortcode parameters are listed below:

type Select the type of container that will wrap your Easy Query templates. (<ul>, <ol>, <div>). Default = ‘<ul>’
classes Target your content by adding custom classes to the container. Default = null
paging Enable Easy Query to page the results. Default = ’true′
paging_style Choose a pagination style. Default = ’default′
paging_color Choose a color for your pagination. Default = ’grey′
paging_arrows Show the next and previous page arrows in the pagination. Default = ’true′
template Select from a list of customizable templates. Default = 'default'
posts_per_page Number of posts to load with each request.Default = '5'
post_type Comma separated list of post types to query. Default = 'post'
category__in A comma separated list of categories to include by ID. Default = null
category__not_in A comma separated list of categories to exclude by ID. Default = null
tag__in A comma separated list of tags to include by ID. Default = null
tag__not_in A comma separated list of tags to exclude by ID. Default = null
taxonomy Query by custom taxonomy name. Default = null
taxonomy_terms Comma separated list of custom taxonomy terms(slug) to query. Default = null
taxonomy_operator Operator to compare Taxonomy Terms against (IN/NOT IN). Default = 'IN'
day Day of the week. Default = null
month Month of the year. Default = null
year Year of post. Default = 'IN'
meta_key Custom field key(name). Default = null
meta_value Custom field value. Default = null
meta_compare Operator to compare meta_key and meta_value against (IN/NOT IN/=/!=/>/>=/</<=). Default = 'IN'
author Query by author id. Default = null
search Query search term ('s'). Default = null
custom_args A semicolon separated list of value:pair arguments. e.g. post_parent:1745; event_display:upcoming. Default = null
post__in Comma separated list of post ID's to include in query.Default = null
post__not_in Comma separated list of post ID's to exclude from query.Default = null
post_status Select status of the post.. Default = 'publish'
order Order posts ASC(ascending) or DESC(descending) order. Default = 'DESC'
orderby Order posts by date, title, name, menu order, random, author, post ID or comment count. Default = 'date'
offset Offset the initial query (number).Default = '0'

Example Shortcode

[easy_query post_type="post, portfolio, testimonials" template="default" posts_per_page="6]