Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to getting Easy Query to display on my website

  1. Create your shortcode or custom WP_Query
  2. Add the shortcode or Query to your page by adding it through the content editor or placing it directly within one of your template files.
  3. Load a page with your code in place and Easy Query will load your posts.

What are my server requirements?

Your server must be able to read/write/create files. Easy Query creates the default template on plugin activation and in order to modify the output Easy Query is required to write to the file as well.

Can I make modifications to the plugin code?

Sure, but please be aware that if modifications are made it may affect future updates of the plugin.

How are my Easy Query templates saved?

Template data is saved into your WordPress database as well as written directly to a template PHP file in the easy-query-pro plugin directory.

Can I use custom fields in a template?

Yes, but you will need to define $post at the top of the template before requesting your custom fields. Like so: global $post;