Version 2.14.1 of Ajax Load More, our infinite scroll plugin for WordPress shipped this afternoon and includes support for our most requested feature, sticky posts! This minor point release also adds two new core filters and fixes some issues affecting various extensions and add-ons.

What’s New in 2.14.1

Sticky Posts Support!

One of the oldest feature requests on Github repository was to add support for sticky posts in Ajax Load More. For whatever the reason, when using WP_Query with admin-ajax requests, sticky posts were always ignored and displayed as a regular post in listings.

So, after a year and a half of putting it off I decided to tackle this request head on and create a solution that users could rely on directly inside the Ajax Load More plugin.

Shortcode builder with Sticky Posts

The result was a simple checkbox integration within the shortcode builder that will allow users to easily enable support for sticky posts.

[ajax_load_more post_type="poststicky_posts="true"]

By setting sticky_posts=”true” in shortcode, Ajax Load More will maintain the relevance of sticky posts by moving them to the top of post listings.

🔥  Sticky posts are also supported in the Preloaded add-on.

REST API Extension

I converted the (previously) paid REST API add-on into a free extension and released it on the repo.

I’m really hoping this transition to a free hosted solution breaks down the barrier to entry and more users can start developing with the the REST API and Ajax Load More.

All Improvements and Bug Fixes in 2.14.1

  • NEW – Adding built in support for sticky posts (sticky_posts=”true”).
  • NEW – Added new alm_js_dependencies filter for removing jQuery dependency.
  • NEW – New alm_enqueue_external_scripts action for loading external JS files.
  • NEW – Adding support for paging + comments add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with some add-ons not appearing in Shortcode Builder.
  • UPDATE – Various UI updates and enhancements.

Up Next

  • Masonry Add-on
    I’ve started development of a new Masonry add-on that will offer direct integration with Masonry and Ajax Load More that will require zero custom coding for users. I think non-developers will really dig this one as it removes the learning curve for working with Masonry and callback functions.
  • REST API + Previous Post
    Development has begun on an integration between the REST API extension and the Previous Post add-on that adds support for single posts.


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