🎉 I’m exited to officially announce the launch of the Pro bundle for Ajax Load More

Ajax Load More Pro is installed as a single product offering with one license key and contains immediate access all 13 premium add-ons at over 60% off the regular price of the products.

The idea of consolidating the add-ons into a single product is something that had been on my Trello board for over two years and I’m really happy to finally get the release out to users of my infinite scroll plugin.

One-Click Activations
The Pro bundle makes it easy for users to activate and deactivate add-ons as needed directly from within their WP Admin.

Ajax Load More Pro Admin Dashboard

Keeping It Clean
As awesome as the one-click activations are, my favorite feature of the Pro bundle might just be how clean and decluttered my plugin dashboard has become 😂

Cleaner WordPress Admin with ALM Pro

Ajax Load More Pro was released in early November, 2018 and the response has been overwhelming to say the least. I want to thank everyone who has purchased and/or reached out with feedback on the launch. Stay tuned for more in 2019.


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