We’re super excited to officially announce the launch of the REST API extension for Ajax Load More!

The REST API extension will allow visitors of your website to access data through a custom endpoint developed specifically for the WordPress REST API plugin and display results using the beauty of infinite scrolling with Ajax Load More.

Benefits of the REST API

  • Improved Site Performance
    REST API requests are proven to load content faster than Ajax requests using admin-ajax.php.
  • Query Parameters
    All Ajax Load More shortcode parameters are available for use with the REST API add-on.
  • Custom API Endpoints
    Take full control of query results and ony return the data you require by creating custom endpoints for use with Ajax Load More.
  • Learn the REST API
    Get hands on experience creating custom API Endpoints with JavaScript templates.

What’s Next

Over the next few months we are going to continue to evolve and grow the plugin to allow for complete integration with Ajax Load More – this includes a custom endpoint for single posts and custom post types.

Stay tuned…


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