Shortcode Parameters

Post Explorer accepts a variety of shortcode parameters that adjust the style and functionality of the plugin – all core parameters are listed below:

post_id The ID of the current post. Default = get_the_ID() *required
target The ID or classname of HTML element that wraps your single post content. Default = null *required
type Select a Post Explorer loading style. (infinite/button/navigation) Default = 'infinite'
loader Select a loading animation. Default = 'standard'
scroll_distance The distance from the bottom of the screen to trigger post loading. Default = '50'
taxonomy Should the posts be loaded from the same taxonomy term? Default = false
button_label The text for the 'Load More' button. Default = 'Previous Post'
previous_button_label The text placed on the previous button. Default = 'Previous Article'
next_button_label The text placed on the next button. Default = 'Next Article'
classes Add custom classes to the Post Explorer navigation or load more button. Default = null
transition The transition type and speed of transition for loading posts. Default = 'none:0'
scroll Scroll users to post. (true/false:scrolltop:speed) Default = 'false:0:0'

Example Shortcode

[post_explorer post_id="'.get_the_ID().'" type="infinite" target="#post-wrapper"]