The Instant Images dashboard allows you to quickly browse, search and upload images to your WordPress media library by simply clicking on an image in the listing.

Instant Images Dashboard

Note: When you upload an image to your media library it will automatically be resized into the custom image sizes specified within your theme.


The Instant Images search functionality let’s you quickly find and upload images for any subject in a matter of seconds!

Search with instant Images

🔥 You can join search terms by simply adding a ‘+’ between terms. e.g. Mountain + Snow

Searching Photos by ID

As of Instant Images 3.1, users can search for individual photos by Unsplash ID.

Simply prepend an image ID search with id:  and if found, Instant Images will return a single result. e.g. id:YiUi00uqKk8

Post/Page Edit Screen

You can upload images from while editing a post or page by clicking the Instant Images button located beside the Add Media button in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.