Broadcast is a powerful call to action (CTA) management plugin that allows you to easy manage and display CTAs within your WordPress content.

A simple solution for a real-world problem – Broadcast allows you to rapidly create call to actions and customize the look and feel of each CTA using layout templates.


The following Broadcast examples are samples of what can be accomplished with the plugin.

Default Layout

This example takes the default layout and creates a responsive CTA displayed within a content area.
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Newsletter Signup

This example will insert a newsletter signup form directly into the content area of the page.
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Broadcast Shortcode

Broadcast is integrated with the front-end of your website using WordPress shortcodes. Shortcodes allow for CTAs to be inserted into content anywhere on your site – from the content editor and widgets zones to directly inside of .php templates within your theme.

The screenshot below shows you how to build you own custom Broadcast shortcode inside of WordPress.

Broadcast shortcode builder

Shortcode Parameters

cta The ID of the call to action. Default = null
layout The ID of the layout to use for rendering the call to action. Default = null
align The alignment of the call to action on the screen (left/center/right). Default = ’left′
width The width (in percentage) of the call to action. Default = ’50′
classes Attach custom classes to the Broadcast CTA container. Default = null

Example Broadcast Shortcode

[broadcast cta="25935" layout="25936" align="center" width="60" classes="my-class"]


Layouts are used to display call to action content on the front-end of your website. They typically contain a mixture of HTML, PHP and core WordPress functions such as the_title(), the_content(), the_post_thumbnail() etc.

Layouts are essentially templates that allow you to style and display your call to action content to your visitors. One feature of using layouts for displaying data is you can reuse the same CTA across your website but style the CTA differently by creating a unique layouts for a specific placement.

Broadcast layout templates in the WordPress admin.


Broadcast is beautifully integrated with WordPress – check out some admin screenshots below.


The Broadcast dashboard/settings pages allows for updating of global plugin settings and building of a custom Broadcast shortcode.

Broadcast plugin dashboard

Call to Actions

The Call to Actions dashboard displays a list of your active call to actions – just like the standard WordPress posts and pages sections you can create, edit and delete for this screen.

Broadcast call to actions listing


The Layouts dashboard displays a list of available layout templates. Clicking into a layout will allow for editing of the layout directly inside of your WordPress admin.

Broadcast layouts dashboard

Post/Page Edit Screens

Insert a Broadcast shortcode while directly editing a post or page. Click the Broadcast icon in the content editor toolbar to pop up the shortcode builder.

Broadcast insert shortcode in admin

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